Materials Description


Precious Vanity is using silver 925 to create fine jewelry. Each jewel before it reaches the shops is metal plated   in order to prevent it, for as long as possible, from naturally weathering. Depending on the customer’s preferences, each product is either platinum plated, for a white gold metal color, or gold plated for a gold metal color. The process of metal plating is initiated in order to prevent the weathering of silver from different natural and environmental causes. Silver is only superficially oxidized, which makes the whole process of recovering its initial luster and charm an easy and fast one. Take good care of your silver jewelry, in order to preserve their luster, color and charm like the first day you acquired them.


Precious Vanity uses bronze metal for the creation of a small number of collections ( Anatolia , Bon- Bon).

Precious Stones

Precious Vanity, uses precious stones for the creation of several collections. Different stones of many colors and cuts, create an exciting palette of materials that offer each jewel the final touch to make it unique.

Semi precious Stones

Amethyst, Citrine, Blue topaz, colorful Quartz and many other stones, in many cuts, give the great opportunity to our team to create uniquely beautiful and charming jewelry.

Swarovski Elements

During time, Precious Vanity has established strategic and precious collaborations with companies that contribute to the unique effect we seek for our jewelry. The widely known company Swarovski is one of those partners that support Precious Vanity with unique stones to deliver to you a fine and special piece of jewelry.

Synthetic MOP

'Precious Vanity' uses an innovative synthetic stone which comes in various colors, resembles the qualities of natural mother of pearl but yet is characterized by greater tolerance to heat, cold and sun , is hypo allergic and holds a greatly long- lasting luster.
The quality and tradition that is expressed in all 'Precious Vanity' jewelry is a heritage made of passion, knowledge and attention to details that we are proud of and always intend to combine with new materials, remaining respectful to our deep-rooted excellence and demanding clientele.




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